June 18, 2024

6 Advantages QR Codes Hold For The Workplace

With the rapid growth of visitor management, QR codes have emerged as a powerful and versatile tool. It revolutionized the way workplaces welcome and track visitors. QR codes have rapidly witnessed a substantial increase on digital platforms. 

Although QR codes have been used for a long time, they were limited to physical touch. With the help of visitor management software, they have emerged with numerous advantages such as swift and contactless check-ins, heightened security, real-time tracking and monitoring of visitors, etc.  In this blog, we will explore the six key advantages that QR codes provide in enhancing workplace safety and efficiency. 

What is a QR Code?

QR Code (Quick Response) consists of black squares and dots designed in a square grid with a white background. It has evolved from being just a random pattern on paper to becoming a versatile tool for enhancing the customer experience. It works similarly to that of a barcode but is much faster as it processes the information within a few seconds. QR code can be accessed by a smart phone camera also.

According to a report by BARC India, the usage of QR code increased by 550% by the end of 2020 with a sudden reach of 1 billion smart phone users. QR codes can be used for various purposes, such as mobile payments, contactless delivery, digital menus, etc. 

Additionally, 83% of users have engaged with QR codes at least once, and then 9 million merchants actively utilize QR code payments. This valuable tool enables workplace real-time visibility and facilitates personalized experiences, allowing brands to connect swiftly with their customers.

How To Use QR Codes In The Workplace?

QR codes are a step up from traditional paper-based logbooks. A visitor can scan a QR code using their smart phone, to register, check in, or access specific areas. The process is swift, reduces physical contact, and cuts down on paper usage. Overall it ensures security becoming essential in commercial offices and spaces. Workplaces can use QR codes for the following purposes:

Simplify Your Sign-Ins

One of the major uses of QR codes for the workplace is for visitors and employees to sign in for the registration process. They offer a simple, and contactless method to allow pre-registered visitors to grant access to your workplace. Investing in OneStop gate pass software lets you organize and simplify the workflow and streamline the entire gate pass management process by making it more straightforward. It gives you a verified, contactless sign-in and a single scan. 

Verifying Staff Movements

Another best use of a QR code is to monitor and verify staff movements in your workplace. QR codes can help to have an instant view of where the staff are and employee movements across your premises via printed QR codes and a reliable gate pass system which will maintain the safety of the workplace. 

File Sharing

Every workplace needs to share files and documents which can be done via emails or stored on a shared drive. These methods are time-consuming. But using QR codes, running on third-party platforms, one can scan the generated code with their phone and receive the document. 

Customization Solutions for Diverse Needs.

QR code systems in visitor management are highly customizabble and adaptable to the unique needs of different businesses. Whether you run a small office or a large-scale event, QR codes can be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems based on specific requirements, making them an ideal solution for a wide range of industries.

6 Advantages of QR Codes In Visitor Management For The Workplace

QR code tool has benefits above increased visibility and security for your workplace. Here are 6 advantages that they hold in the context of a visitor management system: 

Reduce Paper Work with Digital Check-Ins

Gone are the days when there were manual check-ins on paper files. Now, workplaces are switching to QR codes based on visitor management. They offer quick scans using smart phones, upon the arrival of visitors. It maintains health and safety standards, by making it contactless scanning. 

Improved Security Through Individualized QR Codes

Another major advantage of QR code in VMS is the ability to generate unique or individualized QR codes for each visitor ensuring that only authorized visitors with valid QR code can access your location. This saves time and boosts productivity hence ensuring security standards. 

Real-Time Tracking, Monitoring, and Alerts

QR code systems with gate pass come integrated with real-time tracking capabilities, allowing businesses instant visibility into visitor movements against databases containing watch lists, and sending alerts to security personnel in the case of a threat. This allows organizers to react quickly and ensure a seamless experience for everyone. In other words, it provides real-time tracking and ensures that security measures are proactive and responsive.

Efficient Data Capture and Analytics

QR codes also offer automatic accurate data capture. The visitor details are recorded and stored digitally, minimizing the errors. Additionally, analytics tools provide valuable insights into visitor patterns. This will help any workplace to make informed, data-driven decisions to optimize operations and enhance the overall visitor experience.

Data Security and Privacy in a Digital Age

In this digital stage, keeping your data safe is important in QR codes with visitor management can be helpful. In VMS, the visitor’s personal details are encrypted which only authority people can access. Also, this data is deleted when no longer needed for the visitor’s privacy ensuring security. 

Enhancing Efficiency and Reducing Resources Usage

Workplaces can make their working smart by investing in a QR code-based visitor management system. It promotes work efficiency and reduces overall resource usage by eliminating physical forms and reducing paperwork and waste. It offers visitors digital and quick scans, speeds up the check-in process, and helps in data management. Additionally, the accuracy and accessibility of the visitor information become easy while keeping the visitor security protocol top-notch. 


To take your workplace experience to the next level, the adoption of QR-based OneStop visitor management can transform the shift toward efficiency, security, and adaptability. QR codes not only benefit physical safety but are convenient for signing in employees and visitors unlocking the future-ready solution for evolving needs. They provide valuable data insights and enhance security while reducing the stress for guests and front-desk professionals and enhancing your productivity.

As technology evolves, QR codes work as a bridge between the real and digital worlds, providing endless opportunities to engage, inform, and make clients happy. The future of the VMS experience is wide, and QR codes are the key to making it awesome.

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