May 2, 2023

Why Manufacturing Industry need a Visitor Management System ?

In the manufacturing industry, innovation and technological advancements are constantly driving production. As a result, there is a constant influx of people, such as employees, suppliers, vendors, and customers, coming in and out of the facility on a daily basis. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain the safety and security of the premises.

In order to prioritize workplace safety, compliance, and risk management in this fast-paced and ever-changing industry, implementing a visitor management system is essential.  This system provides a way to monitor and manage visitors’ access to the facility, ensuring that only authorized individuals enter. By doing so, manufacturers can significantly reduce the risk of security breaches and keep their facilities safe for everyone inside.This system is a critical component in ensuring that safety and security are not compromised within the manufacturing facility.

15 Benefits of having customizable Visitor Management System in Manufacturing Industry

1) Touchless Visitor Check-In Process

Visitors can use a visitor management web page or app to log their arrival without needing to touch a computer terminal or traditional logbook. This reduces the risk of spreading germs and provides a convenient and streamlined check-in process for visitors.

2) Visitor Pre-Registration

Manufacturers can invite guests to pre-register and collect their information and purpose of visit in advance. This step allows facilities to limit the number of visitors at a certain time and prepare any necessary documents or items needed for each guest. By reducing unnecessary foot traffic, manufacturers can maintain a safer and more efficient workplace.

Pre-registration also improves the visitor experience by streamlining the check-in process and reducing wait times. Guests can arrive knowing that their visit has been confirmed, and they have all the necessary information to proceed with their visit. This not only improves their perception of the facility but also enhances the overall productivity of the visit.

3) Obtain Health Declaration and Other Forms

Visitor management systems allow manufacturers to collect health declarations such as COVID vaccination certificates and data privacy consent forms electronically, ensuring visitors’ consent is obtained prior to obtaining the information. Visitor eSignatures can be captured to ensure that their responses are accurate and properly recorded.

4) Seamless Entry Process

Traditional security systems such as key cards, badges, and facial recognition can be enhanced with a visitor management system to ensure a seamless entry process

5) Access Control

Manufacturers can limit access to certain floors, elevators, and common areas based on the reason for the visit. This ensures that guests only access areas that are relevant to their visit, reducing unnecessary foot traffic and improving workplace efficiency. Building access can be programmed to expire at the end of the appointment, ensuring that guests don’t have access to the facility after their visit is over.

6) Quick Deployment At Specific Locations

Our visitor management system for manufacturers can be quickly installed at multiple entry and exit points in manufacturing production areas. This system allows the regulation of specific entrances and exits for deliveries, job applicants, VIPs, and other guests.

7)Avoid Overwhelming Your Employees

Introducing new software can be challenging for employees who have to learn how to use it. However, after the initial onboarding of the visitor management system for manufacturing companies, your receptionist and IT team should feel comfortable with the amount of information they need to process.

8) Quick and Accurate Report Generation

The visitor management system for manufacturers helps businesses generate reports quickly and accurately. By using this system, you can easily pull up guest information and determine the areas they visited and how much time they spent there. This information is useful for contact tracing and improving security measures.

9) Compliance and Digital Record Keeping

Regulatory compliance is a crucial aspect of the manufacturing industry. A visitor management system helps with compliance by providing a digital record of all visitors and their activities while on-site. This record keeping helps with compliance auditing and makes it easier to comply with regulations that require visitor tracking. In case of an emergency or a security breach, this information can be easily retrieved and used for investigations.

10) Contact Tracing

In the event of an emergency, such as a fire or chemical spill, a visitor management system can help with contact tracing. By maintaining a digital record of all visitors on-site, a visitor management system can help identify individuals who may have been exposed to hazardous materials or other risks during an emergency. Additionally, a visitor management system helps to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive areas within the facility.

11) Improved Efficiency

In addition to improving security and compliance, a digital visitor management system can also improve efficiency within a manufacturing facility. With automated check-in processes, visitors can be quickly checked-in and provided with the necessary safety protocols and information, reducing the time spent on manual check-in procedures. This, in turn, leads to increased productivity and efficiency in the manufacturing facility.

12) Cost-Effective

Investing in a Visitor Management System is a cost-effective solution for manufacturing facilities. It reduces the need for manual record-keeping, saves time, and increases productivity. It also helps in reducing the risk of accidents or security breaches, leading to cost savings in the long run.

13) Enhanced Security and Safety

The manufacturing industry deals with heavy machinery, hazardous chemicals, and complex equipment that require trained professionals to operate. A Visitor Management System helps in keeping track of who is entering the facility and provides an additional layer of security. With a visitor management system, manufacturing facilities can monitor and restrict access to sensitive areas, reducing the risk of accidents, theft, or other incidents.

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14) COVID Protocols and Visitor Tracking

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many manufacturing facilities have implemented additional safety protocols to prevent the spread of the virus. A visitor management system can help with this by providing contactless check-in and visitor tracking, making it easier to identify and isolate individuals who may have been exposed to the virus.

15) Comply With Industry Requirements

Manufacturing companies must comply with data privacy and health declaration guidelines set by authorities. These regulations require companies to handle guest information carefully and delete it at specific times. As health guidelines keep changing, the visitor management system can easily adapt to new procedures to ensure the safety of both employees and guests.


The manufacturing industry needs a visitor management system to ensure workplace safety, compliance, and risk management. It ensures that only authorized personnel enter the premises, that regulations are being followed, and that visitors have a smooth and efficient check-in experience. By investing in Onestop Visitor Management System/ Gate Pass Software, manufacturing facilities can enhance security, comply with regulations, and increase efficiency, leading to a safer, more productive, and cost-effective workplace.

If you’re in the manufacturing industry, consider investing in a Onestop visitor management system to help protect your facilities, employees, and visitors.

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