July 23, 2022

Introducing Accounting Software for Small Business

One-Stop Accounting Software for small business, benefits small business owners in handling receivable and payable accounts. An easy-to-use financial tool helps small businesses and can solve complex financial situations that arise within an enterprise.

Accounting Software for Small Business

Before we delve deeper into the services, and how One Stop Accounting Software can help your business, it is important to shed some light on the meaning of accounting software for small businesses.

Accounting Software helps to make a quick and fast report of transactions that influences decision-making. Accounting software is a system that has a positive effect on companies’ performance. It helps the company to have a higher accuracy rate in bookkeeping; it keeps track of companies’ transactions and gives the right insight for the growth of the company.

What is OneStop Accounting Software?

One Stop Accounting Software is cloud-based accounting software that helps in keeping track of the company’s transactions easily. Its convenience allows you to access them from anywhere in the world.

OneStop accounting Software also boosts the efficiency of offering invoices, bridging the vendors and customers. Further, it allows you to negotiate deals, view transactions, ease recurring actions such as bills and then make payments.

Features of OneStop Accounting Software

The features that we offer in OneStop accounting software helps small & medium-sized business to move forward and compete in the market. Online accounting software is also known as cloud accounting software and acts in building a base for businesses.

One Stop accounting software helps small businesses in customizing the bills, automating payments, and maintaining manual journals.

Money in (Receivables)

One Stop online accounting software automates the invoices and money collection process. It ensures better management in business and steady cash flow. It also notifies the client in real-time about the invoices for online billing. Thus ensuring better customer relations.

Money in (Payables)

The payable feature of OneStop accounting software reduces the manual payment task by 80%. It sends reminders to the accounts department to remind them of due payments.

Businesses offer a date for payments, and sometimes the companies/clients forget about the payments. This leads to cash outflow and even leads to additional charges in the form of interests. Therefore, the online billing software helps you in maintaining your accounts as it sends a reminder for a hassle-free payment process. It ensures smooth relations with clients by making sure that the due payments are not delayed.


While running a business it is difficult to keep track of the inflow and outflow of money. Delayed payments can lead to losses and even a cash crunch in business. Therefore, the OneStop accounting software for small businesses gets you notified about the bills/expenses to make sure payments. This billing software keeps a track of expenses and payments with a seamless process.

 Charts of Accounts

Charts of account are the part of the accounting process that most small businesses do not pay much attention too. However, it is the foundation of accounting. Charts of account are the listing and classifying of all information of your financial asset liabilities, and transaction.

The charts of accounts decide how the transactions are categorized in the financial statement. The software groups the specific number that identifies a specific account type such as; asset, liabilities, equity, revenue, etc., and reports the information to financial accounts. It summarizes the month-end sheet, provides detail labeled in each group, and helps in making more informed charts that have room for every transaction, which occurs in business.

Purchase Orders

“To err is human” but that’s not the case with software. Software is programmed to make error-free statements. The purchase order is a statement that includes documents sent from a buyer to a supplier requesting the purchase of products as an order.

It will include the type of item you are purchasing, the pricing, and the quantity. If your company is making manual purchase orders the chances are they are making lengthy documents, containing inquisition, the course of purchasing cycle, order acknowledgment, quotes, sips, and invoices. Whereas, automating the purchase order ensures good record keeping, decreasing the chances of error and ensuring seamless digitization of the entire process.

Manual Journals

Reconciling the financial sheet is a tough process. It takes too much time and leaves scope for error. Whereas, the One Stop accounting software makes it easy to maintain books. It keeps everything in order and grouped in different sections.

It is easy to read and understand the financial situation of the company. Moreover, it ensures there is no scope for human error.


To prevent fraudulent activities or inaccurate invoicing is it essential to prepare a contract without errors. One Stop Accounting Software is one of the best online accounting software that helps in curating contracts for vendors with all necessary documents. It automates the whole process and ensures an error-free contract. It reviews the legal obligations and authorization limits to make an appropriate contractual term.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is the process of buying, selling, and sorting of stocks. With the help of One Stop -the best accounting software in India, you can keep an accurate stock count. The software helps in data collection and making analytical charts for better insight. It also helps you to understand the trends and improve the forecasting of stocks.

The software automates manual tasks and tracks the growth of your business. It boosts the production and profitability of your small business.

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Pricing of One-Stop Accounting Software for Small Business

The sign-in for One Stop Accounting software for small business is free and you can avail of its services free for 15 days. You can organize your small business accounting with One Stop software.

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