Gate Pass in Process Excellence

Manufacturing industries are great at innovations and have changed drastically and so have their supply chains. Today, these facilities need more than a paper log book and a friendly receptionist at the door. And solution to all this is an online gate pass. 

Using gate passes will eliminate lengthy check-in processes and can monitor/handle visitors, equipment, work-in-process or finished products, trade secrets, data, and records, ensuring security compliance.

This blog will provide you with all the information you need to know about implementing an online gate pass for your supply chain and manufacturing industry.

Overview: Understanding The Role of Gate Pass In Manufacturing Industry

The gate pass system is becoming increasingly popular in manufacturing industries. The future of VMS is expanding as it can benefit from automated processes that save time and money. Onestop Cloud Based Digital/ online gate pass monitors the ongoing movement of vehicles and visitors in and out of your facility, securing your workplace while also offering a smooth check-in experience.

Additionally, it ensures that visitors are properly managed and tracked. It further benefits to collect check-in data and run instant reports to complete internal or third-party audits. The visitor management system also helps cultivate relationships that may generate business growth by automating follow-up communications between visitors and staff members to ensure you don’t lose important connections, reduce contact information errors that often result from traditional paperwork, and analyze strategic initiatives in supply chain efficiencies, product development, and inventory management. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder why so many manufacturing industries are choosing to implement Gate Pass or Visitor management systems in their businesses.

Before moving ahead, lets first understand what is process excellence in the manufacturing industry.

What Is Process Excellence in The Manufacturing Industry?

Process excellence for any manufacturing industry means creating effective, efficient processes through design and testing to deliver consistent and positive outcomes with minimal variation and waste. This process helps the industry to run smoothly and achieve pre-defined results consistently. It is all about improving the business working way to deliver value to their customers.

To achieve this, the supply chain of industry should also be flawless.

What is Supply Chain Management in the Manufacturing Industry?

The supply chain is the heart of any manufacturing industry. It is a network of interconnected businesses that work together to make products and deliver them to customers cost-effectively and professionally. It is a challenging task to manage and optimize large network of suppliers, securing raw materials and fulfilling orders.

Supply chain management works similarly to a material management system as it also takes care of everything from negotiating vendor contracts to inventory management to product shipping and returns. Thus, effective supply chain management is a necessity for manufacturing companies. 

That’s why manufacturers invest in modern supply chain technologies to balance costs, quality, agility, and speed for the manufacturing process. According to a 2022 report by the World Manufacturing Foundation, manufacturing industries were the hardest hit by supply chain disruptions, with more than 60% of manufacturers experiencing supplier delays. So, to overcome this situation, companies opt for visitor management software that can optimize their overall operations.

How Supply Chain Contributes to Process Excellence?

Recently, 82% of CEOs planned to invest in supply chain systems to achieve process excellence. This is how the supply chain contributes in achieving process excellence:

  • Improved Planning

To achieve process excellence, planning is most important. Effective decision-making in the supply chain is done through advanced forecasting approaches such as predictive analytics and closed-loop planning to enhance customer satisfaction and services. All the upside and downside potential is considered along with advanced inventory management approaches to optimize inventory levels and minimize stock-outs or excess inventory, resulting in improved supply chain efficiency and profitability.

  • Enhances Performance Management

In supply chain, performance management can be enhanced by integrating data from all suppliers and service partners. Organizations can achieve informed decision-making to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, lowering operational costs while improving customer satisfaction. According to a prediction, organizations can experience up to 30% lower operational costs and a reduction of 75% in lost sales. 

  • Automation

Manufacturing industries are switching more to automated processes to improve accuracy and speed. The automated processes helps in handling materials from receiving and unloading to picking, packing, and shipping. It decreases costs, increases productivity, and minimizes error rates. 

So, the proper planning, automation, contribute to process excellence. And by relying on a reliable material gate pass system its increases the process excellence. The system automates the entry exit process, enhance safety & security for safeguarding personnel, materials, and vehicles, keeps track of to and fro of material from vendors to suppliers and vice versa, manages returnable (RGP) and non returnable gate pass.

How Does Gate Pass Help In Process Excellence In The Manufacturing Industry?

For manufacturing industries, achieving process excellence and having the flawless supply chain can be a daunting task. From building a strong relationship with suppliers & vendors, to shipping, and delivery, all need strategic planning & complete tracking. And here an online Gate Pass acts as a savior. Let’s explore how:

  • Only Allow Registered or Pre-Authorised Vehicles

The gate pass system allows you to load all your drivers and vehicles onto the platform by assigning order numbers with a validity period and the number of entries allowed per day.

Also, if any vehicle arrives on campus, it needs to pass the scan. If the details are not recorded in the system, the access is denied automatically. 

  • Collect Relevant Information

A reliable gate pass system records different mandatory information such as if a vehicle is delivering raw material, it captures the delivery note and reg numbers, or the reason for entry and what material the vehicle is carrying. It will also maintain a cloud-secure record of drivers details such as citizenship verification, and document requirements, and easily print visitor badges for quick identification.

  • Pre Register Gate Pass

To digitally automate entry and exit, pre-registration of gate passes is required. Onestop Gate Pass Management System offers real-time notifications. You can pre-register two types of gate passes through the dashboard.

  1. Returnable Gate Pass: A returnable gate pass is issued for materials that enter or exit and are returned or have to be sent back. 
  2. Non Returnable Gate Pass: A non returnable gate pass is issued for materials that enter the gates of your facility and do not exit or exit your premises and are not to be returned.
  • Seal Capturing

Another important feature of supply chain management is seal capturing in which the gate pass system helps to bolster product control and supply chain security. It allows you to scan a seal to keep track of materials. The system will send automatic notifications when a specific seal number enters or exits your campus. 

  • Monitoring and Reporting

Overall a strong gatepass system will improve compliance and manufacturing industry intelligence. In other words, it will keep track of how long vehicles stay on site, record incidents and create financial reports while ensuring security compliance that can be completely customized for the needs of your particular manufacturing facility. Currently, 81% of supply chain professionals believe that analytics and reporting will be important for reducing landed costs and improving overall supply chain efficiency.


If your facilities are still relying on legacy systems, they’re not likely able to keep up. And those who continue to use outdated technology make their enterprises vulnerable to attack. So, it’s time to upgrade from your legacy systems to a seamless, efficient, and scalable visitor management system.

Investing in OneStop visitor management software, you can ensure that your manufacturing industry is safe from any potential security threats while still providing an enjoyable experience for everyone who visits. It is highly configurable and easy to tailor and integrate it into your supply chain security protocols. After all, services are up and running, and the number of workers and visitors is ever-increasing. 

OneStop Gate Pass Solution for Warehouses

Warehouses and distribution centers are essential verticals of the complex network of supply chains in the modern business landscape. However, these critical pillars are susceptible to security vulnerabilities due to the stirring atmosphere and busy movement in these places, making them prone to theft, burglary and unauthorized access, which impacts the efficiency of their operations. OneStop Gate Pass solution provides a comprehensive approach and ensures robust security measures that provides an optimal control over these valuable assets.

Risks to Warehouses & Distribution Centers

Warehouses and distribution centers often become the target of burglars and thieves as these serve as the store houses of the high-value merchandise. These places attract risks from both external and internal sources. 

Strategies to enhance the Security of the warehouse and distribution facility

Effective Demarcation

Defining boundaries around the warehouse is essential to maintain order and curb security voilations. Separate zones must be created for dispatching and receiving goods. It helps regulate the flow of people and material into the warehouse or distribution facility. Exterior yard with well built fences, keeping gates locked during non-operation time can help to a great extent to prevent any attempts of intrusion or unauthorized entry. Besides, audible alarms on emergency exits and all entry doors inside the facility boosts the security further.

Visitor Entry Registration

A firm implementation of visitor registration is a crucial step in ensuring tightened security. Visitor registration helps identify and authenticate every person entering the warehouse premises. It is essential to not let visitors or delivery persons enter the warehouse unsupervised. 

Robust Security and Surveillance Systems

A regular comprehensive audit trail of all entries is crucial to thwart the security measures. Implementing access control systems for secured areas can help a great deal. This lets the organizations track the entry of people, time and duration of their stay in the premises. A network of strategically placed video surveillance cameras aids in monitoring both entry points and internal areas, ensuring that all activities are under constant surveillance.

Employee Checks

While we make all necessary efforts to mitigate the external risks, internal threats cannot be overlooked as well. Employee theft can potentially inflict huge losses. To eliminate the risks of employee theft, conducting thorough background checks on employees including their employment history, job terminations etc. should be made compulsory. 

Redefine Security Management with OneStop GatePass

OneStop GatePass is an ultimate software that provides a comprehensive solution to all the security challenges that businesses face in managing warehouses and distribution centers. It addresses the drawbacks of the manual gate pass systems, streamlines processes and ensures flawless record-keeping.

OneStop GatePass Management System encompasses the following features:

Material Gate Pass Management System

Movement of material is an unavoidable process when it comes to warehouse operations. OneStop Material Gate Pass Management System meticulously tracks the in and out flow of materials. It reduces the risk of loss by creating a seamless and automated workflow. It integrates requests, approvals, and gate pass creation into a unified process and reduces human dependence to a greater extent to ensure consistency and accuracy.

OneStop GatePass establishes a standard procedure for the movement of materials between different locations and ensures that every step in the process is regulated, monitored, and documented. From the initial request to the creation of the gate pass and dispatch of materials, every facet is managed within the framework, enhancing control and accountability.

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Employee Gate Pass Management System

OneStop Employee Gate Pass Management System ensures secure movement of the employees within the warehouse facility. It simplifies the request process and enables a seamless application for the employees for the gate pass. It not only optimizes time and resources but also ensures swift processing. 

Visitor Gate Pass Management System

Visitor Management is an equally important aspect of securing warehouse or distribution premises. OneStop GatePass ensures systematic registration of visitors and maintains a detailed record of their movement. OneStop is an online software system that offers solutions in diverse scenarios, whether a visitor arrives with prior notice or spontaneously it is capable of accommodating all scenarios.

How can OneStop Gate Pass Maximize Control & Minimize Risks

OneStop GatePass offers a multitude of benefits that extend beyond security enhancement. Let’s take a look at them:

Enhanced Security

This diverse online gate pass system offers a robust security framework that not only prevents unauthorized movement but also secures the premises against other threats.

Accuracy and Data Integrity

Since it automates the record-keeping process, the scope for errors and inconsistencies gets reduced to a greater extent.

Operational Efficiency

OneStop Gate Pass management software enhances the operational efficiency. It save time and resources and eliminates the shortcoming of the traditional manual systems.

Reduced Human Involvement

This software reduces the dependency on human resources by automating the majority of the repetitive tasks. 

Seamless Integration

OneStop GatePass offers a comprehensive framework that ensures the seamless integration of material, employee, and visitor transactions, creating a unified security ecosystem.

Onestop offers a comprehensive security solution that combines cutting-edge hardware in the form of boom barriers with powerful software. This innovative approach ensures seamless access control, enhanced safety, and streamlined management, making Onestop the ultimate choice for integrated security solutions.


OneStop GatePass goes beyond traditional gate access systems by providing a complete solution i.e. hardware & software that addresses all aspects of warehouse and distribution center security. By automating and streamlining processes, it ensures not only tighter security, but also greater operational efficiency. As organizations continue to face the complexities of modern business, OneStop GatePass is a trusted solution that protects assets, improves controls, boosts security and enhances the overall efficiency of the businesses.

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Gate Pass is  essential to manage the entry and exit of visitors, vehicles, and materials in organizations, schools as well industries.. The traditional manual gate pass process involved tedious paperwork, and extensive documentation. So,more chances of errors and not an ideal fit, if you are looking for advanced security measures for your business. OneStop Cloud based Gate Pass Software lets you organize and simplify the workflow and streamline the entire gate pass management process. It eliminates the need for manual documentation and improves overall efficiency and productivity of an organisation.

Onestop visitor management software allows for easy creation of gate passes, addition or removal of approvers, viewing material and vehicle photos, issuing alerts and reminders, and generating comprehensive reports and statistics. It also helps in generatingreturnable and non-returnable passes, maintaining accurate records and facilitating efficient tracking.

Create & Scan Gate Pass with QR

The  new advanced QR code feature introduced in the OneStop Gate Pass Management Software, is a cost effective solution for visitor and material management. QR codes are a type of barcode that can be scanned using a smartphone or a scanner. 

Steps for Creation and Scanning of OneStop QR Code Gate Pass

Step 1  – Setting up your Account

  • Visit OneStop Gate Pass website Click the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner.
  • Enter your details such as first and last name, email address and a strong password. Select your country/ location.
  • Provide your mobile number for authentication.
  • Agree to the terms of the policy and click “Continue” to proceed.
  • Verify your account through the system-generated verification email.

Once you’ve created your account, you can sign in  by simply clicking the “Sign In” button and entering your email & password.

Step 2 – Settings & Configuration

In order to effectively set up and utilize the features and functionalities of OneStop modules, go to the settings module and configure specific settings on your system based on your business requirements. It includes settings related to assigning roles, gate pass, form settings, out pass approval, user roster etc. 

Roles & User Access

After setting up account, the next step is to add users and assign them specific responsibilities and permissions. There are two default profile permissions available in the software:

  • Super Admin:  Super Admins have complete access to the system and control all functions. Ensure to allot at least one Super Admin in the organization to oversee and manage all operations.
  • Users: Users are assigned specific permissions and roles based on the defined profiles within the organization. Their access to data and functionality is determined by the permissions assigned to their profiles. This ensures that users have access to the relevant information and functionalities required for their specific roles within the organization.

You can add the number of users based on the OneStop software edition that you’ve purchased and the number of user licenses available. Each user is provided with a unique email and password, which will allow them the access to their individual accounts.

User Roster

Step1: Under the Settings click on the “User Roster”.

Step 2: Allocate users a storage bin or location, if required.

Step 3 Generating & Scanning QR Code

  • Access the Scan module. Click on the “QR Code Generator” sub-module.
  • Select the company and branch from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the QR type (Single or Multiple) and specify the quantity if needed.
  • Click “Generate” to create the QR codes.
  • Download, email, or save the QR codes as necessary.

Use the QR Code Scan feature to scan the QR codes from mobile devices.

Creating Gate Pass

  • Go to the Gate Pass module and select the “IN Gate Pass” sub-module.
  • Click “+ IN Gate Pass” and enter the required details. Save the gate pass to generate a unique pass number.
  • Approve the pass by clicking “APPROVE” from the Action menu. Link the QR code by clicking “Link QR”.

Out Gate Pass

  • After the vehicle is loaded/unloaded, and proceed to the exit gate. Scan the QR code at the exit gate to capture the out time. 
  • View track pass details if needed.

Pass Scanning

  • When a vehicle arrives at the gate, use the Pass Scanner to scan the QR code. 
  • Choose options such as Gate Pass In, Gate Pass Track, or Gate Pass Out.
  • Scan the QR code or choose an image to scan.
  • Allow the vehicle to enter the premises or perform the necessary actions based on the scanned QR code.

Managing Reports & Data

  • Access the Scanner Report in the Reports module.
  • You can record vehicle arrival time, wait time at the main gate, offloading time, and exit time.

Benefits of QR Code Gate Pass for Industries

One Stop Gate Pass Management system with QR code creation and scanning capabilities offers significant benefits to the manufacturing industry. 

Simplifies Entry and Exit Process

OneStop QR code Gate Pass simplifies the entry and exit process of vehicles and individuals in the premises. By generating QR codes, it allows for quick and efficient identification and verification of gate passes.

Enhanced Security

Each QR Code gate pass is a unique QR code, which is scanned at entry and at various checkpoints. This ensures that only authorized vehicles and individuals gain access within the premises, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry. 

Improved Efficiency

The QR code feature enables a smooth flow of vehicles and goods within the manufacturing facility. Security guards can quickly scan QR codes using mobile devices, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and reducing waiting times at the gate. This streamlined process helps to optimize resource utilization and enhances operational efficiency.

Real-time Tracking

OneStop Gate Pass Software provides real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles entering and exiting the facility. The system records important details such as arrival time, wait time, offloading time, and exit time. 

Further this data can be used to generate comprehensive reports, enabling better decision-making and resource allocation.

Access Control and User Management

The customizable vehicle gate pass software allows easy administration of users, roles, and permissions. 

Administrators can assign responsibilities and permissions to different personnel based on their tasks and responsibilities. This ensures that the right individuals have access to the necessary information and functionalities within the system.

Configurability and Customization

The Gate Pass Management System offers various configuration options to adapt to the specific requirements of the manufacturing industry. Settings such as gate pass form customization with company name, logo and other details, out pass approval flow, and user roster allocation can be tailored to suit the unique needs of the facility.

Reporting and Analytics

The system provides comprehensive reports and analytics on gate pass activities. Management can gain valuable insights into vehicle movement patterns, entry and exit trends, and overall facility utilization. This data can aid in identifying bottlenecks, optimizing processes, and improving overall operational efficiency.

Implementing such an enhanced vehicle gatepass management system can greatly contribute to the smooth and secure operation of manufacturing facilities. 


OneStop Gate Pass Software is a robust and reliable solution for managing gate pass operations. Its advanced features, such as QR code generation and scanning, user authentication, and real-time reporting, provide organizations with improved security and efficiency.

Visitor Management
Visitor Management

Visitor Management” keeps track of how often a public building or site is used, manages visitors’ arrival, and makes sure they have a positive experience while they are there. Numerous procedures are typically involved in visitor management to keep guests and staff in a safe, secure, and appropriate location.

What Can Visitor Management Software Do?

Visitor management is essential to keep the workplace secure and in compliance while providing each visitor with a first-rate impression. However, the conventional method of managing and tracking visitors, which relies on physically gathering and maintaining visitor data, typically with something like a paper-based guest confirmation book, may expose businesses to danger while reducing efficiency and effectiveness.

Things to Look for When Choosing a Visitor Management System

Organizations need a reliable visitor management system to track down and control guests. A visitor isn’t an employee of your company present in your office, whether a prospective client, a contender for an appointment, a vendor, or a lawyer. However, picking a reliable visitor management software is essential as it not only improves security but also provides insightful data for your company’s operations.

As a result, you should choose a visitor management system that is appropriate for your company. Let’s look at why your business needs a visitor management system.

1) Get the live status of all visitors

Recognising and following people in the building is feasible since visitor data is recorded in the visitor management system, and photo proof is taken.

Receptionists can easily identify guests since online gate pass systems produce photo IDs for each guest they register. Additionally, you can monitor ongoing visitor movements and examine visitor trends. Additionally, visitors can pre-register so receptionists will have more information about them when they come.

2) Reduced labour cost while improving building security

With a visitor management system, organisations can significantly reduce their infrastructure expenditures. It may not be necessary to use dedicated servers, system-specific equipment, cabling, etc., with the web-based program.

Establishments like business organizations where people often enter and exit need a proper identification system. In these circumstances, a paper-based system or a simple VMS is ineffective since it does not add additional security layers. For such locations requiring a high degree of security, a biometric visitor management system that uses iris and fingerprint technologies are ideal. The software and hardware component’s ability of a VMS determine how secure it can be. Your organisation has many levels of protection thanks to features like facial recognition, emergency alerts, authorization to carry devices, and others.

3) Data Privacy Compliance

Depending on your sector, you might need to gather specific data from each person joining your firm to comply with regulations. You can incorporate the appropriate screening queries into your check-in procedure to ensure that the correct information is collected and stored securely to protect data and privacy.

4) It hastens the sign-in process of visitors dramatically

Businesses can no longer afford to provide customers with experiences like paper sign-in logbooks and lengthy lines at the front desk. With a VMS, visitors’ sign-in process becomes faster and easier.

Visitors must utilize a visitor management system for scanning their IDs or completing pre-registration. The process of authenticating meeting details or authorizing the visit is streamlined and simplified, freeing employees from requiring to recall guests to sign a hardcopy logbook.

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5) Visitor Management System improves accountability and visibility

Recognising and following individuals within the building is feasible since visitor data is recorded in the Digital visitor management system, and a photo ID is taken.

Receptionists can quickly identify guests since visitor management systems produce photo IDs for each visitor they register. Additionally, you can monitor ongoing visitor activities and examine visitor trends. Also, guests can pre-register so receptionists will have more information about them when they come.

Should you invest in visitor management system?

Your visitors contribute to developing a more robust workforce, so you must possess the appropriate technology to welcome them and ensure their time is as pleasant as possible. You can wow each guest that enters your doors by having a talented workforce, a transparent process, and the appropriate technology.

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Gate pass
Improve the visitor security with gate pass management system

As the Covid-19 situation has eased a bit in our country, many companies have called back their employees to their beloved workplace. If not completely, many companies have switched to the hybrid model too. This means that the employees are spending around two to three days in their office per week. However, whether it is a few days or a whole week, the most prominent factor is the safety and security of every employee at their workplace. If your workplace is secured, it lets you feel safe every second and enhances your productivity. For this, many companies ensure that they have a GatePass Management System. It gives employees a comfortable feeling because it lets them decide who can come to them or enter their office.

Unlike the unorganized workplaces where anyone can reach an individual physically, and god forbid, any mishap can occur, on the other hand, most companies and organizations have adopted the Visitor Management System. Well, everything comes with its pros and cons. It is undoubtedly a safe and sound system that ensures 100% safety, but if your guest is new to this system, they might be irritated by it. However, this enhanced system does everything from visitor information to their accurate track record.

Pros of the Gate Pass System

  • Ting-Tong! You know who it is – As the Visitor Gate Pass System will notify you first on who is seeking your approval to enter the company premises, no unknown person can just come to you. With this system, many mishaps and crimes can be prevented.
  • No criminal activities – When you ensure that your workspace has a proper Gate Pass Management System, there are very brisk chances of thefts, robberies, or other malpractices. This is because this system ensures that people belonging to that particular place are present, and no other unwanted or suspicious individual is there.
  • Accurate track record – If any unusual activities occur, the track record maintained in the system can help the concerned authorities retrieve the essential data. This is because it records accurately in & out visitor timings.
  • Be ever-ready with proper notifications – As you are notified every single time one wishes to come to your abode/workplace, this facility gives you a time frame to make all the proper arrangements beforehand only. You do not want your workplace to be messy when you know someone special is just arriving.
  • Advanced Control with Visitor Access: One prominent positive feature of the Visitor Pass Management System is easy to control. With this, you can enroll a visitor’s credentials and permit them to access only selected areas.

On the other hand, one of the cons witnessed in this Visitor Pass Management System is that it also results in unnecessary clashes. Many people who work in unorganized companies face this issue when they visit someone who works at a company that has adopted this Visitor Management System. Moreover, as the verification and approval take a little time, people become impatient and often enter into unnecessary arguments. Little do they know that this verification step is mandatory.

Modules of Gate Pass Management System

Officially, this gate pass management system has three kinds of modules.

  • Admin Module: This module is installed for the administration of the workplace. It defines and records the host details, sets gate pass formats, and even generates reports.
  • Host Module: This module is for the employees to keep a tab on the visitor details. The host further can send the response to the safety gate staff.
  • Security Gate Module: This module is deployed at the entrance area of the concerned premises. It facilitates the staff at the security gate to register the visitors’ details with a picture. And further notification is sent to the host.

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However, the requirement of a GatePass Management System varies from place to place. Designed to address the safety of physical, intellectual, and human assets, it is no doubt a professional and systematic method. What is more remarkable about this system is that it does not compromise security, hospitality, and productivity.

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cloud based gate pass system

The evolution in technology has made some efficient changes in business management. A lot of businesses go into huge losses due to cyber-attacks and threats they possess from hackers. But, a revolution in technology has made business management easier. And today cloud-based gate pass management software is indispensable as it secures the business from predators.

Cloud-based gate pass management has pros that you cannot ignore. It is a smart technology that helps in eliminating any concerns about safety and security in an office. Many organizations are still contemplating this change. If you are one, then here are a few advantages of cloud-based gate pass management software.

How would you define cloud-based?

If you are new to this term then let’s delve into its definition before stating the advantages. The definition is given by Eric Griffith the founder of PCMag, “Cloud-based computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of a computer’s hard drive”.

So what does Cloud-Based Gate Pass Management System mean and how does it helps?

This means when any visitor, vehicle or material enters your sites, the entries are done on the cloud server instead of being hosted by a local internet server.

How is cloud gate pass management software helpful?

It means the data won’t be stored on the computer hard drive rather it will be all over the internet. So you can access who came and for how long they stayed, anytime anywhere.

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Reasons to have a Cloud-Based Gate-Pass Management System

1.    Cloud-Based Has Free Trials

Cloud-based platforms are SaaS applications, which means it has a free trial period. You can either cancel the subscription or carry it on depending on the service you enjoy. For instance, with One Stop Global, you can get the cloud-based gate system free trial for 15 days. With that, you can easily learn how to sign up every employee in your office in the system and how to use it. This way you get enough time for making decisions on how to operate the cloud-based gate pass management system in an institution.

2.   No Need To Fret Over Data Loss

One of the biggest benefits of using cloud-based gate pass management software is you can never lose the data. Every little information is saved on the cloud, so any employee in your office from the front desk to the manager can log in to the account and access the data and files. The institution or office does not depend on the original copy. You can access the data from any device or any place with a cloud-based visitor management system.

Furthermore, you can anonymize the data, this means you are in authority over which data you want to share in the public domain. With the cloud-based gate system, you can organize your data, reach a high level of security, and control which clients and interviewees can look at the data of the company.

3.   Cost-Effective

Cloud-based system costs are far lower than any other on-site gate-management system. The reason behind the cost-effectiveness is you don’t need to install high-security server-side hardware, antiviruses, and storage. Moreover, you don’t need to spend too much on extra space so you can house the local servers.

The cloud-based system has automated upgrades, so you don’t need to spend on regular maintenance plans, software support, and future upgrades on both hardware and software.

4.   System is always up to date

Regular updates can make the system slow. Maintenance takes time and also leads to a delay in the overall productivity of a company. Whereas, the installation of cloud-based management can save both time and money.

5.   Easy Setup And Installation Process

Selecting a user-friendly management system is the stair to active higher adoption rates. Web-based gate pass management system is a SaaS application, so the solution is easier to set up and installation is easy, it does not require any specific training. This makes the company more efficient if they have understood the process of using the software during the trial period. It is a one-time process where you need to learn once and after that, a smooth and intuitive platform is there to work.

6.   Data is Easily Accessible

As we have mentioned above, the cloud-based management system is not localized software. The data is on the internet which is easily accessible by any employee or staff. The data is not stored in any hardware and local servers, anyone with authorized permission can access the data from any device.

7.   Cloud-based Software is Highly Scalable

When we consider any technology for any business the first thought that strikes us is ‘how scalable it is?’ So, when you use SaaS software for business and gatepass management systems, it gives the ability to grow the business. So, if you have a small business right now but it is growing exponentially every year you don’t need to worry about outgrowing the gate-pass management system.

The reason behind this is since all the information is stored in a cloud-based management system you can easily increase the number of visitors to your subscription,  without any significant effect on the system. Even in the future if you open multiple offices in a different location, the setup process will be easy and hassle-free.

8.   Low Maintenance and Low-Security Risk

Bid goodbyes to the ugly old application that requires weekly or monthly maintenance and embraces a cloud-based management system. When you adopt a cloud-based system, the company which provides you this system manages the regular updates and ensures you are always using the latest version.

The cloud management is always checked, updated regularly, and secured by the provider company ensuring there is no data thrift from hackers. It provides a guard against vulnerable data.

Data thrift is one of the top concerns of any corporate system, accepting and embracing a technology that secures against security vulnerability should always be celebrated.

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OneStop Gate Pass Management System is one of the leading Gate Pass management software in India. It secures the data and provides all the advantages listed in the article. So, take advantage of the benefits mentioned above to remain ahead of the transition curve.

Benefits of Onestop Gate Pass Management System

Robbery and other such malpractices are common in every organization, which means a lack of security or security breaches. Whereas safety and security should be the prime concern of every business, be it employees, visitors, materials, vehicles, or raw materials. To track record every detail of entry, exit, and purpose of visit, many organizations have started using visitor gate pass management systems but what about materials and vehicle records. We feel, they too are equally important for businesses and an organization should have end to end record for it. So, you can get all these features together in OneStop Cloud Gate Pass Management System.

OneStop Cloud-based Gate Pass Management system is designed for monitoring and maintaining records of the entry and exit of the company vehicles, employees, visitors, and materials. The digital entries in the software track the overall visit of a party to the premises of a certain business. Then the notifications are sent to the concerned department or person and only upon approval permission is granted within the premises.

How Gate Pass Management System Helps in Gate Safety?

OneStop Global gate pass Management system is beneficial for all types of companies, warehouses, hospitals, schools, and many more sectors. It tracks and manages end to end, what comes in and goes out of the premises of your business. The software comes with multiple features like logging of visitor time of arrival and exit, digital check-ins, pre-registration, etc.

  • The Gate Pass Management System shows visitors, and vehicles information and permits their access to only specific areas.
  • The system records every minute detail like – Personal details, the purpose of the visit, and to whom the person will meet. Further, the notification is sent to the person/department and it is on them to accept or reject it.
  • Gate Pass too helps in generating returnable and non-returnable passes. When it is a returnable pass, the gate pass management system makes an entry about the original gate pass transaction so that the record of pending returnable details is easy to procure.

Features of cloud-based gate pass system

  1. Scheduling: The system helps in scheduling vehicles in an orderly manner to enhance the operational processes of the organization and increases the productivity of the business.
  2. Identification: The visitor management system records visitors’ identities with their photographs and saves them for future use.
  3. Monitoring:  Gate Pass system does effective monitoring of user traffic and waiting duration and makes all the work for the business easier.
  4. Digital Badges:  OneStop Global Gate Pass Management System assigns digital badges to the visitor to keep the identity of each and every visitor unique and to avoid any kind of mishappenings.
  5. Notifications:  Gate Pass management system notifies the host about the visitor’s arrival by notification with his details and timings. Only upon the host’s approval, a visitor or vehicle is allowed entry.
  6. In & Out Time Recording: Records accurate in & out visitor timings of the visitor to optimize organizational processes.
  7. Real-time Reports: Generates real-time web-based reports, which are accessible anytime, anywhere. Further, these reports can be accessed, analyzed, and then can be used to take some crucial decisions.

NOW, Knowing who is within your premises, for how long, for what reasons, and when they leave can help you maintain the security and safety of personnel and visitors. To avoid mishaps, many organizations have implemented visitor management systems while still many businesses, schools, and healthcare facilities still use a paper logbook to sign in visitors, These raises concerns of privacy, security, legibility, and accuracy.

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Few reasons to opt for a cloud-based Gate pass Software/visitor management system

1.Lower Costs -Organizations can save an enormous amount on infrastructural costs with onestop Global cloud-based gate pass management system. The web-based application can eliminate the need for dedicated servers and system-specific hardware, cabling, etc. Thus, reducing capital expenditures. Instead, the costs fall into the category of operating expenses.

2. No New Hardware – With a cloud-based visitor management system, there is no need to install new hardware. Cloud-based systems run in a browser window, meaning that your existing user machines can be used regardless of whether they are Macs or PCs.

3. No Maintenance – The cloud-based visitor management system does not require on-site maintenance, no special efforts are needed for the maintenance of the whole system.

4. Faster to install –  Gate Pass system is fast and easy to install, as no dedicated server needs to be configured. So, integrating it into new or existing systems takes no time.

5 Faster and Easier Updates – Software updates to the gate pass management system are scheduled and implemented in advance by OneStop Global timely. So, this frees up your internal resources. The company also takes care of backup, recovery, and data redundancy. New features and updates are automatically applied to the software. Also, no downloads are to be done by the organization.

6. Data Security – One-stop global gate pass management system stores data securely, with numerous backups to ensure that third-party information is securely stored and remains confidential. Settings are done to ensure that only management of the business is granted access to visitor data, which can limit the possibility of misconduct.

7. Real-Time Watch List Information – OneStop Global Cloud-Based Gate Pass System constantly updates lists, on a local server and/or on several local servers across multiple locations. Actually, a cloud-based visitor management system offers amazing timesaving and security benefits for multi-location facilities, because they are able to enter a watch list entry just once and deploy it across all locations, in near-real-time.

8. Faster Communication – If an offender enters your premises or tries to gain access, a cloud-based system can immediately send alerts through text (SMS), email, mobile push notifications, and web-based push notifications to the listed recipients, such as first responders or security personnel. This can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to act on a situation. It can also keep the rest of your staff safe until help arrives. It clearly increases the security of the people as well as the business.

9. Access Data Anywhere. The data entered into a cloud-based visitor management system can be accessed anywhere and on all types of devices such as laptops, computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

10. Integration with other Security-related systems – A cloud-based system can typically integrate with other technology-based systems very quickly and easily. For example, facial-recognition cameras, door-locking systems, access control systems, sirens, signage, etc. can be integrated with cloud-based visitor management systems whereas older, server-based systems are arduous or impossible to integrate.

So, to increase the safety and security of your premises, a cloud-based gate pass management system is a must. It also decreases the efforts plus saves money for businesses.

Onestop Gate Pass Management System workflow
Onestop Gate Pass Management System workflow

Security and privacy are the two main concerns of any business. For this, companies need to have a safe and secure gate pass management solution/ visitor management system. An effective and reliable gate pass management solution keep a closer track of the entry and exit of all visitors, materials, and vehicle on the premises, their movements through the site, and log any relevant information.

OneStop Gate pass Management Solution records the entry and exit of Visitors, Materials & Vehicles and is quite easy to use.

Benefits of a Gate Pass Management System are:

Some of the benefits of gate pass management system are-

  • Improved Workflow– The system helps to improve the workflow by providing accurate data
  • Improved Planning– The system enables companies to plan their operations better by keeping track of inventories and deliveries
  • Reduced Costs– A Gate Pass Management System reduces costs for companies by increasing efficiency in operations, reducing manual handling, improving forecasting accuracy and reducing errors.
  • Improved Security – One of the best benefits of a material gate pass management system to businesses is enhanced security. It helps keep an easy track of everything moving in and out about business activities.
  • Easy Tracking – Along with improved security, the material gate pass system also easily track every business material used anywhere. The system also eliminates the chances of errors and automates the entire process.
  • Transparent Communication -Another significant benefit of the material out gate pass is maintaining transparent and consistent communication. Both the involved parties can remain in constant touch with the use of the material management system.
  • Accurate Record – The traditional manual ways of recording the material movements are prone to various errors and mistakes. On the other hand, the inward gate pass eliminates the chances of errors and mistakes. As a result, it helps maintain accurate records for the movement of business material.

Read in detail – benefits of cloud based gatepass management system here.

Workflow of OneStop Gatepass System

  1. REQUEST – This is the first stage of Gate Pass Management Solution and is accessible based on the User Role configuration. The requestor is the employee who will be creating the gate pass and sending the notifications to the manager. Authorizations, Request Search, Gate pass printing, View page, and Request expiry can be customized based on requirements.
    • Role-based requests for various categories
    • DC No. is the internal delivery challan/Invoice or Document number put manually in the OUT gate passes by users
    • Parallel material request and approvals can be configured
  2. APPROVAL– It is the continuation of the gatepass workflow that requires approval from the employees to process the material, vehicle, or visitor gate pass request. A super admin can create a user for multi-level approval flow so that these users can be added as makers and checkers for different modules.
    • Approvals can be role-based or value-based
    • Multi-level approvals can be configured.
    • Notification to Department Head
    • Record approver’s signature & time of approval
  3. LODING / UNLOADING – This is the stage that sends the material outside or takes it into the organization through the security desk. Acknowledgment is to acknowledge the receipt of materials at the other end, typically used in inter-branch or inter-location transfers.
    • Acknowledgment is enabled in Inter-Office transfers of materials
    • Role-based dispatch option
Workflow of OneStop Gate Pass Management System
Workflow of OneStop Gate Pass Management System

Material Gate Pass Types

In the Material gate pass material is brought and sent out of the premises. The material is available in both returnable and non-returnable formats.

Returnable Gate Pass:

For materials that leave the premises, a returnable gate pass is provided and returned (or materials that enter your facility and have to be sent back).

Returnable Gatepass is issued when a material both exits the main gate and returns back to the company and also when a material enters the main gate and then exits the main gate. A returnable gate pass can have both inward and outward purposes.

Inward Returnable Gate Pass, for instance, is issued when a material is rented where it will enter the main gate and also exit once the rent is over. Examples are samples and rental materials.

Outward Returnable Gate Pass is issued when the materials of the company exits the main gate and returns. For instance, the company materials that need repair will be issued outward returnable gate pass for it to go outside and then return once it is repaired.

Note: A due date for returnable material is recorded, and if the material is not returned by the due date, an alert will be sent through SMS and EMAIL.

Non- Returnable Gate Pass

A material that enters your facility’s gates but do not exit are given a non-returnable gate pass (or exits your premises and is not to be returned).

Non-Returnable Gate Pass is issued when a material that only exits the main gate or only enters the main gate. It is not a two-way process. It should also be noted that approval for non-returnable gate pass is mandatory. A non-returnable gate pass can have both inward and outward purposes.

Inward non-returnable gate pass is issued when a material enters the main gate and do not exit the gate. These materials are usually for company’s use. Examples are raw materials, consumables, and stationeries for the company are requested.

Outward non-returnable gate pass is issued only when a material exits the main gate. Examples are manufactured goods for sales.

Challenges of Manual Material Gate Pass Management Solution

A manual material management system that uses RGP and NGRP faces multiple problems like no data reference, difficulty in computing the quantities, inability to track the materials at every stage and till the end, and minimal or no sharing of information between departments.

How does OneStop Gate Pass Management Solution help?

  • Track returnable and non-returnable materials
  • A multi-level approval system for dispatches and receipts
  • Return can be Accepted or Rejected and reasons recorded for the same
  • Material Due Date is captured for returnable gate passes
  • Role based return approval and acknowledgement
  • Detailed reports on status of materials, contractors and returnable