Integrating Invoicing-Software and Accounting Systems

Efficient business operations rely on the seamless flow of data and synchronization between different systems. When it comes to invoicing and accounting, integrating your Invoicing Software with your accounting system can significantly enhance efficiency and streamline processes.

OneStop Global’s feature-rich GST billing and invoicing software provides a simple solution for accurate invoicing, boosting your efficiency with quick invoicing solutions. However, integrating this online billing software with your accounting system can take your operations to the next level.

Integrating Invoicing Software accounting systems helps enable a smooth exchange of financial data, eliminating the need for duplicate entries and reducing the risk of errors. When you integrate OneStop Invoicing Software with your accounting software, you create a cohesive ecosystem where data flows seamlessly between the two systems.

Benefits of integrating your Invoicing software with accounting systems

Streamlines Invoicing and Accounting Process

OneStop Invoicing Software allows you to generate GST-compliant invoices efficiently. Integrating this billing software with your accounting system ensures a seamless transfer of invoice data, eliminating manual data entry and reducing the chances of inconsistencies.

Invoices created in OneStop Invoicing Software can be directly transferred to the accounting system, initiating the accounting process and managing accounts receivable effectively.

Financial Reporting Made Easy

OneStop Invoicing Software efficiently manages financial data, including invoices, expenses, and payments. It allows you to generate customized reports that provide insights into your business’s financial health, eliminating the need for juggling with complex financial data.

Automated Expense Management

OneStop GST Invoicing Software allows you to track bills and expenses effectively. Integrating it with your accounting system will enable automatic payment notifications and streamline expense tracking. It will help you keep track of paid expenses efficiently, ensuring accurate financial records and simplifying payment reconciliation.

Enhanced overall Financial Visibility

By integrating OneStop Invoicing Software with your accounting software, you gain enhanced financial visibility. All your invoicing data, expenses, and financial transactions are readily available in your accounting software, allowing for comprehensive financial analysis and decision-making.

This integration enables you to monitor your cash flow, track revenue, and identify areas for improvement, leading to more informed financial management.

Smoothens GST- complaint billing

OneStop Invoicing Software is designed to generate GST-compliant invoices, ensuring that your billing processes adhere to the requirements set by the GST regulations. By integrating with your accounting software, the GST-related data from OneStop Invoicing Software seamlessly flows into your accounting system, simplifying the overall GST billing process. This integration ensures that the correct GST rates, tax amounts, and other necessary information are accurately recorded in your accounting software, facilitating hassle-free GST reporting and compliance. The integrated system calculates the GST amount for each invoice, ensuring accurate and consistent GST billing throughout your financial records, making GST calculations automated and error-free. It also enables seamless data transfer for GST reporting.


OneStop Invoicing and Billing Software offers a robust integration framework that enables seamless data exchange, enhancing productivity and creating a cohesive ecosystem for managing invoicing, accounting, and customer relationships. From small businesses to large scale organizations, OneStop’s cloud based GST billing software fulfills all business requirements. Integrating Onestop Invoicing Software with your accounting system will empower your business with streamlined operations, accurate financial reporting, and efficient customer management.

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Business owners cannot ignore the need of managing invoicing processes efficiently as it is essential for maintaining a healthy cash flow and keeping a check on the payments due from clients. For decades, businesses have been using manual invoicing for keeping a track of all their bills but lately invoicing softwares have been gaining traction for their operational ease and efficiency.

Onestop Invoicing & billing software is a one stop solution for all your accounting needs, especially after the GST as it automates tax calculations, generates GST-compliant invoices, and seamlessly integrates with GST systems for accurate reporting and compliance. It streamlines the invoicing process and ensures adherence to GST regulations, saving time and reducing errors.

Manual invoicing requires you to create invoices using spreadsheets or word processor templates, wherein, you have to manually fill the necessary details in each field and attach the invoice to an email for the customer. However, GST billing software reduces the dependency on manual work by automating tasks such as bill generation for products and services, payment reminders, payment collection, sales and receivable tracking etc. Invoicing softwares can help you a great deal in managing your accounts efficiently.

Ways in which Invoicing Softwares can help you systemize your invoicing process :

Automates Repetitive Tasks

Invoicing software streamlines the invoicing process by automating repetitive tasks. These softwares come with prebuilt templates and automated data population, which help you generate professional-looking invoices quickly and accurately. Features such as automatic numbering, tax calculations, and discounts can save you time and reduce the risk of errors.

Invoicing software streamlines the invoicing process by automating repetitive tasks. These softwares come with prebuilt templates and automated data population, which help you generate professional-looking invoices quickly and accurately. Features such as automatic numbering, tax calculations, and discounts can save you time and reduce the risk of errors.

Efficient Payment Collection

Keeping a track of all the pending payments and following up with the customers manually is a daunting task. Invoicing software is here for the rescue. It allows you to set payment reminders to ensure that your customers receive timely notification about payment due dates, which minimizes the chances of delayed payments and improves cash flow.

Real-Time Reporting

Generating reports manually by collating data from past invoices is a tedious and time-consuming process. Invoicing software provides real-time reporting, allowing you to access important insights about payments received, outstanding bills, and bad debts. These reports can help you make informed and timely business decisions and keep your finances in check.

Comprehensive Document Management

Invoicing softwares offer a range of document management capabilities including creation of estimates, proforma invoices, recurring invoices, payment reminders, and credit notes, which is not possible in manual invoicing. There are a number of templates available to suit specific needs of businesses which eliminates the need to search for and download different templates each time, and thus is considered time effective.

Scalability and Collaboration

These billing softwares are usually cloud based systems, which save and secure all your bills and documents online.This eliminates the need for physical storage and reduces the risk of data loss. Besides, these softwares enable seamless collaboration within your team, allowing multiple users with assigned roles to work on invoices simultaneously.

Easy to Manage Invoices for International Clients

Invoicing softwares are a bliss when it comes to managing invoices for businesses dealing with international clients. Invoicing software simplifies cross-border transactions by automatically converting billing amounts into foreign currencies and generating invoices in the client’s preferred language.

Online Payment Integration

Collecting payments manually can be cumbersome, especially when there is no direct integration with third-party applications. Invoicing software enables you to connect with payment gateways, making it easy for your clients to pay you online. By including a payment link in the invoice, clients can choose their preferred payment mode and complete the transaction securely. This integration saves time and provides a seamless payment experience for your customers.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Manual invoicing often requires frequent communication with clients via email or phone calls. Invoicing software offers a self-service portal where clients can log in to view bills, accept estimates, make payments, and download statements. This provides your clients the information they need, reduces their reliance on your customer support team and enhances their overall experience.

Mobile Accessibility

Manual invoicing makes it difficult to manage and send invoices on the go. While invoicing software provides the flexibility to access and edit invoices across multiple devices from anywhere. Whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or even a compatible smartwatch, you can stay connected and manage your invoicing tasks on the go.

FeaturesManual InvoicingOneStop Invoicing Software
Ease of UseTedious & time-consuming processEasy and convenient cloud based solution
AccuracyProne to human errorsAccurate & error free invoicing
GST complianceManual verification & calculationsGenerates GST-compliant invoices automatically
Purchase OrderManual creationAutomates process
Bill TrackingManual tracking & payment remindersSet automated payment reminders, facilitates auto payments
Inventory ManagementManul tracking & record keepingEasy to manage inventory & stock level updates    
Multi-currency InvoicingManual conversion & calculationsError free computerised conversions in multiple    currencies
Item ManagementManual entry & trackingEfficient management of items with verified HSN/ SAC details


Invoicing software helps small businesses save time, create professional invoices, and streamline payment collection. With automation, real-time reporting, document management capabilities, scalability, international capabilities, online payment integration, enhanced customer experience, and mobile accessibility, invoicing software empowers you to streamline your invoicing processes and focus on growing your business.

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e invoices mandate from 1 October for Businesses with turnover exceeding 10 croree invoices mandate from 1 October for Businesses with turnover exceeding 10 crore

E-invoicing’s importance has grown in the business industry since the GST council’s green signal. The concept of e-invoicing software came into being in September 2019. The key objective was to ensure the interoperability of e-invoices across the GST invoicing software. E-invoicing, a short form for electronic invoicing is an online invoicing software to generate B2B invoices. The supplier electronically uploads all the invoices, and Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) authenticates them with an Invoice Registration Number (IRN) and QR code. However, the IRN and QR code should be printed on the invoice before the supplier issues the invoice to the buyer.

It is necessary to understand the necessity and benefits of e-invoicing software. Presently, businesses with a turnover exceeding 20 crores can file e-invoices, but before, this was allowed to business owners having a turnover of more than 50 crores. However, from 1st October 2022, the fifth phase of e-invoicing software implementation will begin and applies to businesses with a turnover exceeding 10 crores. 

This article will explain the new limit reduction in the e-invoicing bill applicability by the business owners. 

Let’s dive right into the article.

Necessity of e-invoices, for businesses with turnover exceeding 10 crore

One of the major reasons for introducing e-invoicing software is to pre-populate the returns and reduce the reconciliation challenges. To understand this further, you must know that the standard online accounting software has one major loophole. For instance, the invoices generated by one online accounting software might not be readable in the other invoicing billing software. Therefore, to overcome this barrier, a universal GST accounting format has been designed to ensure data interoperability. This IRP system shares the invoice data of the GST accounting and e-way bill systems.  

The essential goal of e-invoicing software is to reduce errors and minimize the risks between buyers and sellers because e-invoicing software eliminates the ability to counterfeit GST invoices. Some of the important takeaways are: 

  1. The e-invoicing software curbs tax invasion. 
  2. It provides traceability and transparency. 
  3. The GST accounting portal can continually check the legitimacy of the transactions. 

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Process of e-invoicing

The e-invoicing software requires you to generate the invoice data in a prescribed format. After formatting the invoice, you must upload it to IRP, which validates and authenticates the data with IRN and QR code. 

The steps are explained below: 

  1. Firstly, generate the e-invoice in a prescribed format using the offline tool set by the portal or by using business management software. 
  2. After that, login-in to the portal. 
  3. Upload the e-invoice file to IRP. The system will send the required details directly to the IRP portal if the software integrates with IRP. 
  4. Then the key elements of the invoice are validated by the IRP portal. After validation, the invoice data is authenticated with an IRN number and QR code. 
  5. From thereon, you can download or receive the e-invoice file.

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New limit reduction of e-invoice

Effective from 1st October 2022, every business owner with an annual turnover exceeding 10 crores has to electronically upload all B2B and B2G invoices to the portal. Earlier, this was applicable to those with a turnover exceeding twenty crores. Generate the e-invoice in the required format and upload it to the IRP portal. The IRP portal will authenticate the e-invoice data and return the file with IRN and QR code. If there is no IRN and QR code, the e-invoice will not be valid. E-invoicing is mandatory for every business as GST accounting software seamlessly generates an e-invoice

Benefits of e-invoices

E-invoicing software provides a lot of benefits and power to major industries. They save you time, money, and effort and provide transparency throughout the process. Some of the key benefits of e-invoicing software are below:

  1. The GST accounting software tracks every moment of your taxes from sale to their end destination. 
  2. The portal validates your data and saves you time to focus on another official task as well. 
  3. With GST accounting software, you can create a professional and customized invoice format suitable for your business. 
  4. The e-invoicing software will track any potential frauds and manipulations. 
  5. The digital e-invoicing software has made India go green by decreasing the use of paper. 

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e- invoicing Software

With the advent of the Internet, the billing system has evolved significantly. Under the new e-invoicing software, all business-to-business invoices are electronically authenticated by GSTN for further use on the common GST portal. The invoicing billing software issues an identification number against every bill by the IRP, short for Invoice Registration Portal. As e-invoicing software usage has grown, the accounting field has also incorporated it. 

The E-invoicing software requires you to submit an invoice on the GST portal to generate multiple reports with a one-time upload. Accounting software uses this portal to benefit taxpayers and let them perform their e-invoicing activities. Along with this, this online accounting software allows users to migrate all their data safely with the support of the new e-invoicing software. 

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Features of a Good Online Accounting Software

  1. The GST invoicing software helps you keep track of all entries of a particular invoice. 
  2. The e-invoicing accounting software lets the user directly integrate with the GST portal. 
  3. E-invoicing software is easily accessible through different operating systems, such as web browsers and mobile phones. 
  4. It is very cost-effective. 
  5. It can reduce the risk of fraud and promote trust & reliability. 

The Current Invoicing System

At present, businesses generate their invoices through different tools and upload the final invoice manually for the GSTR-1 return instead of using single accounting software. After uploading the invoice, the user can see the information in GSTR-2A. On the other hand, transporters have to generate separate e-way bills. However, for businesses, the procedure is a little less cumbersome. They can use the accounting software with tools for GST integration and e-invoicing. 

For businesses, the e-invoicing system allows the user to import the invoice through excel or API integration. The entered data effortlessly flows through the entire GST portal. 

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Benefit of e-invoicing to Businesses

The major role of e-invoicing is to benefit the business and automate the process with the help of accounting software. A few of the advantages of using e-invoicing through GSTN are below.

  • E-invoicing helps fill a significant gap for GST in data reconciliation, leading to a major reduction in mismatch errors. 
  • There is a reduction in data entry errors as the e-invoices generated by multiple software can be read by this accounting software, offering integration with the GST portal.
  • This GST accounting software allows all the authorities to track the invoices the supplier has prepared. 
  • Another benefit of e-invoicing is that it lets you generate tax credit reports. 
  • This software disables the possibility of surveys and audits by the tax authorities as all the information about your business is available at the transaction level. 
  • Backward integration and automation of the process can make filing tax returns effortless. 
  • It auto-populates the required details of the invoice in multiple returns. 

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E-invoicing Curbs Tax Evasion

Another major benefit of e-invoicing accounting software is that it helps in proper tax compilation and curbs tax evasion in the following ways: 

  • As the accounting software generates an e-invoice through the GST portal, the tax authorities get complete access to all the transactions happening in real-time. 
  • Another benefit of generating invoices before a transaction is that there are fewer chances of manipulating the invoice now. 
  • There cannot be any fake tax credit because invoices are integrated with GSTIN every time they are generated through the GST portal. 

Everything has two sides to the coin. If the e-invoicing accounting software has advantages, it also has some disadvantages that you shall not ignore. On one hand, it helps reduce tax evasion and fraud in B2C invoices. 

Because it only supports B2B invoices. Another disadvantage is that it does not store invoices for more than 24 hours. Therefore, study all about the new Invoicing Software for Small businesses or large one before adopting it. 

OneStop Billing & invoicing Software

Running a business means wearing many hats together to run it smoothly and one of the most important and tedious ones is to manage finances. Initially, when you have few clients, it can be done in excel or spreadsheets but what about the time when your business starts gaining momentum. To be prepared, for such times or to be ever ready for tax submissions, or to have a better assessment of cash inflows and monitor the financial health of your business, you need a good secure billing & invoicing system.

Also, every business owner wants to be on the top, and for that businesses should update themselves with advanced digital solutions. In today’s competitive market, investing in modern and advanced technology in your business operations is one of the best ways to move ahead of other competitors.

Billing & Invoicing System / Software

The billing & invoicing software replaces the manual work and brings more efficiency to the business’ work. It helps in automatically creating or generating bills / professional invoices for the sold or supplied product and services. Further, invoices can be customized professionally with your company’s logo, name, contents, etc.  Also, in the invoicing software, the list of products and services with their related costs, including taxes can be saved. So, each generated invoice will show the actual total cost that the client needs to pay and from there itself the invoices can be delivered directly to the client, which saves your time and effort.

So, the invoicing applications help businesses keep track of bill payments, record finances, track cash inflow, process payments faster, etc. It also provides different online payment options to clients.

Signs your Business Need Billing & Invoicing System

Here are a few signs that your business should quit all the traditional methods of billing and invoicing and needs billing and invoicing software:-

1. Spending more time on invoicing than on your business

After being in operation for a few months, when your business picks up and you have a big client list, then spending time creating and managing invoices in Excel or spreadsheet will not be left to an hour but a few hours or say a day. So, a lot of your time will be spent on creating and sending invoices to your growing client base, instead of focusing on growing and improving your venture.  

To manage time, businesses need to opt a good billing and invoicing software, which can help you focus on the main business matters rather than spending most of your time on maintaining invoices and bills.

2. Growing accounts receivable

As the business grows, so does the accounts receivable, and so does the pressure on the business to collect those payments. Now imagine all your client’s data in excel or a spreadsheet, and you are trying to calculate and keep track of all the debtors. Isn’t that thought scary? It surely is. So, here comes for help a good billing and invoicing software. We suggest you opt for one stop invoicing software, which is cost-effective and it provides various several features.

3. Easier way to create and deliver payment reminders

With time, in businesses, the client’s list increases and so does the list of late payers. The reason for late payers can be either people are forgetful, have misplaced invoices, or have unintentionally deleted emailed invoices.

And, if you manually track these clients, their outstanding invoices, and send payment reminders to them, the whole process will be tedious. So, the best option is to send automatic payment reminders and this can be done best with the use of invoicing software. In this software, you do not have to lift a finger. You just need to schedule the time for a reminder and you are done. It is a great way to minimize late payers and get your hands on the money you had worked hard to make.

4. You don’t know the real-time status of invoices or revenue

Many businesses wait until the end of the day, week, or pay period to collect work order info and process invoices. As a business owner, you should have real-time reports of all this.

And if you ask your accountant to pull these reports that are just a few weeks behind just to get an estimate of current revenue, then they will take too much time to create and send those reports whereas invoicing system shows you the real-time status.

5. Looking for an easy way to track finances and create business reports

As business gain momentum, paperwork grows along with it and so does the work to track finances and create business reports. You might have to enter and reenter duplicate data across multiple software platforms to generate financial reports for your business.

Whereas if you have billing and invoicing software, it will make your work easier by tracking the invoices and creating the business records automatically.

6. Invoicing System can be integrated with other business tools

One thing that doesn’t cross people’s minds when they think about invoicing software is the ability to integrate invoicing with other business tools. What I’m talking about here is additional multitasking to enhance the performance of your business. One stop offers integration, which in turn paves the way to thousands of other business tool integrations.

7. You need to keep track of your inventory more efficiently

With small operations, it is easy to manually track inventory. But, as your purchase and sale increases, the manual system becomes inefficient. Instead, you should find a way to store and update inventory data in a real-time system.

Many accounting software comes with built-in inventory management features that let you record descriptions of each product in your store and automatically update your inventory every time you log a sale.

8. You need faster access to information

The main advantage of working on a cloud-based invoicing system is that you can automatically generate data. Instead of going through hundreds of spreadsheet rows to reach a conclusion, you can create powerful reports and dashboards with just a few clicks. For instance, if you want to know gross profit for all customers during a certain time, you can pull a customized report on just about every financial transaction your business had. Maybe you need to know what products sell the fastest during a particular month.

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These are a few points, which clearly depict that your business now needs a billing and invoicing system.

invoicing software

Running a business means performing several activities together and most importantly managing the finances of your business. Managing finances might seems quite simple, but is an arduous task, especially when you have to maintain them manually. So, how about making the whole process easier, which can save a lot of time and money. Yes, we are talking about using digital methods like online invoicing software.

The online or cloud-based accounting & invoicing software simplifies your accounting responsibilities by streamlining the entire process of accounting and invoicing and keeps your data up to date. They also help you design professional-looking invoices and review data of client purchases and payments.

What is Invoicing Software?

The online invoicing software is a cloud computing software that helps you design professional invoices, send payment reminders, track expenses, log work hours, and get paid faster. It replaces the manual billing and accounting work and brings efficiency to the business’ work by saving a lot of time and effort. The business can keep track of bill payments, record finances, track cash inflow, process payments faster, etc., with the help of invoicing applications.

The invoicing software has a saved list of products and services with their related costs, including taxes. The software helps you in generating invoices using professional templates, which can be further customized with your company’s logo, name, contents, etc. Each generated invoice contains the actual total cost that the client needs to pay. Moreover, these invoices are delivered directly to the client through email or other delivery mediums. Invoicing Software also provides different online payment options to clients.

In the market, there are different invoicing software present, but one needs to choose smartly, to move ahead of other competitors. Here, we will take you through the benefits of One Stop global online invoicing software, which can make your whole accounting and invoicing process easier.

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Benefits of OneStop Online Invoicing Software

  1. Create and Send Invoices The main purpose of having online invoicing software is to replace the manual invoice-making process and create and send professional invoices directly to the client. OneStop Global’s online invoicing software let you make professional invoices with your company’s logo, slogan, and contents.  It let you access your financial data anywhere and anytime, track the bills, estimate finances, and record cash flow. The software also lets your customer pay the bills with just a click of a button.
  2. Ease the Invoicing Process Manually, a lot of time and effort are needed to fill invoice details in a spreadsheet or login to the invoice template site just to generate a single invoice. And, for multiple invoices, it becomes quite a lengthy process. At such times, invoicing software is the savior for your business. With the help of One Stop Global invoicing software, you can save a lot of time & create error-free invoices. The invoicing software already has the saved information like the client’s name and address, invoice number, payment terms, and others needed for the billing process. All you have to do is log into the account, and select client and bill details. Then send an invoice to the preferred clients in few seconds. Thus, it speeds up the whole invoicing process.
  3. Automation The invoicing program follows the automation and systematic system to create and send invoices. It can automate several processes for your business. The invoice tools have the capability of automation, so you do not need to manually create each invoice and find other mediums or tools to send it. The invoicing software can do that for you automatically. The automated invoicing software saves the cost of billing tasks and increases the efficiency of business workflow.
  4. Monitoring Due & Unpaid Invoices Online invoicing software helps in monitoring all delivered, overdue and pending invoices. They make it much easier for you to keep an eye on things. This translates into the ability to enjoy more organized and effective work. By arranging all of your invoices according to paid, outstanding, and pending categories, the online invoicing system does a marvelous and efficient job as compared to conventional methods of bookkeeping & invoicing.
  5. Enhanced Security -Still in most businesses, paper invoices are used for payments. So, one is never sure that the paper would reach the client or get lost, misplaced, or destroyed before reaching the client. So, in this case, online invoicing software helps, as the invoicing emails are sent directly to the client, following all the security standards. OneStop cloud-based invoicing software takes care of the safety and security protocols. It saves the backup file of all the important information and defense files against intrusion and loss. It ensures that there is no chance of data loss or leakage.
  6. Faster Payments – With an online invoicing system, one does not have to wait for days to deliver invoices to clients. Indeed, multiple invoices can be generated in less time with ease. It is just a matter of minutes after sending invoices, that your client too can start the payment procedure. So, the entire payment process becomes shorter, as your invoices are sent faster, and you get payments faster too from the clients.
  7. 24/7 Access – The online invoicing software allows you to create, maintain, send and access the invoices at any time. You just need to log in to the software on your desktop, laptop, or mobile to access the billing and client’s information. Every business organization wants to send invoices on time and receive payments too on time. Overall, this increase day-to-day operations efficiency.  So, for all this, the business should work on the cloud-based invoicing software and we recommend, OneStop Invoicing software one of the best invoicing software which is an ultimate package with great features.