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Running a business means performing several activities together and most importantly managing the finances of your business. Managing finances might seems quite simple, but is an arduous task, especially when you have to maintain them manually. So, how about making the whole process easier, which can save a lot of time and money. Yes, we are talking about using digital methods like online invoicing software.

The online or cloud-based accounting & invoicing software simplifies your accounting responsibilities by streamlining the entire process of accounting and invoicing and keeps your data up to date. They also help you design professional-looking invoices and review data of client purchases and payments.

What is Invoicing Software?

The online invoicing software is a cloud computing software that helps you design professional invoices, send payment reminders, track expenses, log work hours, and get paid faster. It replaces the manual billing and accounting work and brings efficiency to the business’ work by saving a lot of time and effort. The business can keep track of bill payments, record finances, track cash inflow, process payments faster, etc., with the help of invoicing applications.

The invoicing software has a saved list of products and services with their related costs, including taxes. The software helps you in generating invoices using professional templates, which can be further customized with your company’s logo, name, contents, etc. Each generated invoice contains the actual total cost that the client needs to pay. Moreover, these invoices are delivered directly to the client through email or other delivery mediums. Invoicing Software also provides different online payment options to clients.

In the market, there are different invoicing software present, but one needs to choose smartly, to move ahead of other competitors. Here, we will take you through the benefits of One Stop global online invoicing software, which can make your whole accounting and invoicing process easier.

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Benefits of OneStop Online Invoicing Software

  1. Create and Send Invoices The main purpose of having online invoicing software is to replace the manual invoice-making process and create and send professional invoices directly to the client. OneStop Global’s online invoicing software let you make professional invoices with your company’s logo, slogan, and contents.  It let you access your financial data anywhere and anytime, track the bills, estimate finances, and record cash flow. The software also lets your customer pay the bills with just a click of a button.
  2. Ease the Invoicing Process Manually, a lot of time and effort are needed to fill invoice details in a spreadsheet or login to the invoice template site just to generate a single invoice. And, for multiple invoices, it becomes quite a lengthy process. At such times, invoicing software is the savior for your business. With the help of One Stop Global invoicing software, you can save a lot of time & create error-free invoices. The invoicing software already has the saved information like the client’s name and address, invoice number, payment terms, and others needed for the billing process. All you have to do is log into the account, and select client and bill details. Then send an invoice to the preferred clients in few seconds. Thus, it speeds up the whole invoicing process.
  3. Automation The invoicing program follows the automation and systematic system to create and send invoices. It can automate several processes for your business. The invoice tools have the capability of automation, so you do not need to manually create each invoice and find other mediums or tools to send it. The invoicing software can do that for you automatically. The automated invoicing software saves the cost of billing tasks and increases the efficiency of business workflow.
  4. Monitoring Due & Unpaid Invoices Online invoicing software helps in monitoring all delivered, overdue and pending invoices. They make it much easier for you to keep an eye on things. This translates into the ability to enjoy more organized and effective work. By arranging all of your invoices according to paid, outstanding, and pending categories, the online invoicing system does a marvelous and efficient job as compared to conventional methods of bookkeeping & invoicing.
  5. Enhanced Security -Still in most businesses, paper invoices are used for payments. So, one is never sure that the paper would reach the client or get lost, misplaced, or destroyed before reaching the client. So, in this case, online invoicing software helps, as the invoicing emails are sent directly to the client, following all the security standards. OneStop cloud-based invoicing software takes care of the safety and security protocols. It saves the backup file of all the important information and defense files against intrusion and loss. It ensures that there is no chance of data loss or leakage.
  6. Faster Payments – With an online invoicing system, one does not have to wait for days to deliver invoices to clients. Indeed, multiple invoices can be generated in less time with ease. It is just a matter of minutes after sending invoices, that your client too can start the payment procedure. So, the entire payment process becomes shorter, as your invoices are sent faster, and you get payments faster too from the clients.
  7. 24/7 Access – The online invoicing software allows you to create, maintain, send and access the invoices at any time. You just need to log in to the software on your desktop, laptop, or mobile to access the billing and client’s information. Every business organization wants to send invoices on time and receive payments too on time. Overall, this increase day-to-day operations efficiency.  So, for all this, the business should work on the cloud-based invoicing software and we recommend, OneStop Invoicing software one of the best invoicing software which is an ultimate package with great features.
Benefits of Onestop Gate Pass Management System

Robbery and other such malpractices are common in every organization, which means a lack of security or security breaches. Whereas safety and security should be the prime concern of every business, be it employees, visitors, materials, vehicles, or raw materials. To track record every detail of entry, exit, and purpose of visit, many organizations have started using visitor gate pass management systems but what about materials and vehicle records. We feel, they too are equally important for businesses and an organization should have end to end record for it. So, you can get all these features together in OneStop Cloud Gate Pass Management System.

OneStop Cloud-based Gate Pass Management system is designed for monitoring and maintaining records of the entry and exit of the company vehicles, employees, visitors, and materials. The digital entries in the software track the overall visit of a party to the premises of a certain business. Then the notifications are sent to the concerned department or person and only upon approval permission is granted within the premises.

How Gate Pass Management System Helps in Gate Safety?

OneStop Global gate pass Management system is beneficial for all types of companies, warehouses, hospitals, schools, and many more sectors. It tracks and manages end to end, what comes in and goes out of the premises of your business. The software comes with multiple features like logging of visitor time of arrival and exit, digital check-ins, pre-registration, etc.

  • The Gate Pass Management System shows visitors, and vehicles information and permits their access to only specific areas.
  • The system records every minute detail like – Personal details, the purpose of the visit, and to whom the person will meet. Further, the notification is sent to the person/department and it is on them to accept or reject it.
  • Gate Pass too helps in generating returnable and non-returnable passes. When it is a returnable pass, the gate pass management system makes an entry about the original gate pass transaction so that the record of pending returnable details is easy to procure.

Features of cloud-based gate pass system

  1. Scheduling: The system helps in scheduling vehicles in an orderly manner to enhance the operational processes of the organization and increases the productivity of the business.
  2. Identification: The visitor management system records visitors’ identities with their photographs and saves them for future use.
  3. Monitoring:  Gate Pass system does effective monitoring of user traffic and waiting duration and makes all the work for the business easier.
  4. Digital Badges:  OneStop Global Gate Pass Management System assigns digital badges to the visitor to keep the identity of each and every visitor unique and to avoid any kind of mishappenings.
  5. Notifications:  Gate Pass management system notifies the host about the visitor’s arrival by notification with his details and timings. Only upon the host’s approval, a visitor or vehicle is allowed entry.
  6. In & Out Time Recording: Records accurate in & out visitor timings of the visitor to optimize organizational processes.
  7. Real-time Reports: Generates real-time web-based reports, which are accessible anytime, anywhere. Further, these reports can be accessed, analyzed, and then can be used to take some crucial decisions.

NOW, Knowing who is within your premises, for how long, for what reasons, and when they leave can help you maintain the security and safety of personnel and visitors. To avoid mishaps, many organizations have implemented visitor management systems while still many businesses, schools, and healthcare facilities still use a paper logbook to sign in visitors, These raises concerns of privacy, security, legibility, and accuracy.

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Few reasons to opt for a cloud-based Gate pass Software/visitor management system

1.Lower Costs -Organizations can save an enormous amount on infrastructural costs with onestop Global cloud-based gate pass management system. The web-based application can eliminate the need for dedicated servers and system-specific hardware, cabling, etc. Thus, reducing capital expenditures. Instead, the costs fall into the category of operating expenses.

2. No New Hardware – With a cloud-based visitor management system, there is no need to install new hardware. Cloud-based systems run in a browser window, meaning that your existing user machines can be used regardless of whether they are Macs or PCs.

3. No Maintenance – The cloud-based visitor management system does not require on-site maintenance, no special efforts are needed for the maintenance of the whole system.

4. Faster to install –  Gate Pass system is fast and easy to install, as no dedicated server needs to be configured. So, integrating it into new or existing systems takes no time.

5 Faster and Easier Updates – Software updates to the gate pass management system are scheduled and implemented in advance by OneStop Global timely. So, this frees up your internal resources. The company also takes care of backup, recovery, and data redundancy. New features and updates are automatically applied to the software. Also, no downloads are to be done by the organization.

6. Data Security – One-stop global gate pass management system stores data securely, with numerous backups to ensure that third-party information is securely stored and remains confidential. Settings are done to ensure that only management of the business is granted access to visitor data, which can limit the possibility of misconduct.

7. Real-Time Watch List Information – OneStop Global Cloud-Based Gate Pass System constantly updates lists, on a local server and/or on several local servers across multiple locations. Actually, a cloud-based visitor management system offers amazing timesaving and security benefits for multi-location facilities, because they are able to enter a watch list entry just once and deploy it across all locations, in near-real-time.

8. Faster Communication – If an offender enters your premises or tries to gain access, a cloud-based system can immediately send alerts through text (SMS), email, mobile push notifications, and web-based push notifications to the listed recipients, such as first responders or security personnel. This can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to act on a situation. It can also keep the rest of your staff safe until help arrives. It clearly increases the security of the people as well as the business.

9. Access Data Anywhere. The data entered into a cloud-based visitor management system can be accessed anywhere and on all types of devices such as laptops, computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

10. Integration with other Security-related systems – A cloud-based system can typically integrate with other technology-based systems very quickly and easily. For example, facial-recognition cameras, door-locking systems, access control systems, sirens, signage, etc. can be integrated with cloud-based visitor management systems whereas older, server-based systems are arduous or impossible to integrate.

So, to increase the safety and security of your premises, a cloud-based gate pass management system is a must. It also decreases the efforts plus saves money for businesses.

online accounting software
Why online accounting software is better than excel

Excel for bookkeeping is the easiest option, as it provides all the free tools, one needs to keep track of personal finances, income, and expenses. However, is manually plugging in your day-to-day business transactions really the best option? No! Thankfully, there are plenty of accounting softwares available that can automate the bookkeeping process and
can save your time. Moreover, if the accounting software is cloud-based or online accounting software, it is like a cherry on top.

The online accounting software provides you with a personalized and customized solution to manage business finances.

Reasons to use Online Accounting Software over Excel

Excel spreadsheets can only be used, for basic accounting like tracking your income and expenses, organizing and categorizing transactions, and keeping up-to-date records of the invoices you send to clients. However, for all this too, you need a template that includes a transaction sheet, a chart of accounts, and an income statement sheet. 

Moreover, one needs to manually input the data, which is a time-consuming process. In addition, it is difficult to keep track of, all transactions, particularly if your business expands. Therefore, the best is to invest in online accounting software.

The Online accounting software makes accounting easy and error-free.  It provides professional and personalized assistance, as well as insights into your business performance. Here are some of the benefits that make cloud-based accounting software a better choice than excel.

Cloud-Based Accounting Software Over Excel

  1. Excel Is Complicated than Accounting Software – Excel sheets are complicated. There are hundreds of formulas in excel and they are not easy to execute. Moreover, entering these formulas manually leaves a high chance of error. Whereas in accounting software this work is automated making accounting error-free.
  2. Excel Sheets Have No Audit Trial -Excel sheets can be edited multiple times and there is no historical record of the one who has made changes and when the changes were made in it. Also, hunting down information about a transaction that has taken years ago in it is a task. So, all these can lead to mismanagement of companies’ valuable data and the loss of millions before even, you know it.

Whereas in online accounting software, a business can provide access to the designated users, and whenever anyone makes any changes the whole history is recorded. So, minimum chances of fraud and losing valuable data.

3. Making Excel Sheet Is Time Taking – Time is money! That is the fundamental rule of business. And, putting all transactions, and information in the correct format in excel or spreadsheet according to the company’s financial needs, making it error-free, working on formulas and calculations requires a lot of planning and time. Also, the accountant should have mastery of excel to improve the record-keeping of invoices and expense reports. Therefore, maintaining all transactions in excel is tedious and time-consuming. Whereas, the online billing accounting software helps in easy accounting, and one can get all the estimated results quickly.

4. Low Compatibility– Managing accounts in excel /spreadsheets means having a different sheet for each account and having a massive amount of data like that can lower the system performance. Sometimes, this can even lead to system breakdown. Moreover, an excel sheet does not integrate a few applications like inventory management, so you need a different platform for that. Whereas in online accounting software, data is on the web or cloud. So, system performance is never hampered. Also, billing and inventory management is integrated into cloud-based accounting software.

5. Excel Is Not For Collaborative Work – To make future business plans and forecasts, yearly financials reports, budgets, and expenses, businesses need to compile data from different departments. And, all this data is shared via mail, in an excel sheet. Each excel sheet has the personalized touch of an employee who has designed the sheet, which makes it difficult for other employees to take over the sheet and understand the thought process of the sheet’s design. So, consolidating data of all these sheets is quite time-consuming work, and every time one needs to go back and forth which looks similar.

Whereas in online accounting software, the designated people and department can enter, the details timely and the reports can be generated automatically anytime. Why you should use Online Accounting Software? In the above-mentioned list, we have discussed the pros and cons of using excel and online accounting software in business and how they can impact the business. Even, a small mistake in accounts can cost you millions. So, to make sure your business grows without error, business accounting software is a must.

Benefits of OneStop online accounting software

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  1. Cloud-Based Accounting– Cloud-based OneStop accounting software is easier to access from anywhere in the world. You can check real-time data and even make required changes through a shared system. Also, you can sync and integrate data from multiple devices.
  2. Automated Billing Procedure -The accounting software has an automated billing feature, so it decreases the scope for error. As the quote goes by “to err is human” and that is why machines do not make mistakes. The computerized automated billing process decreases mistakes and the workload on the accounting team.
  3. Range of Features- Online accounting software can make automatic invoices, inventory management, and purchase contract.
  4. Compatible and User-Friendly- The analysis reports, expense and annual financial reports, and charts can be easily made with accounting software. OneStop accounting Software has easy to use interface, so anyone with basic knowledge of accounting can easily manage their financades. Also, you can manage the accounts even on your smartphone on the go.


In this article, we have listed enough reasons why businesses should use online accounting software over excel. No doubt, excel is free for managing the accounts of a small business but an online accounting system has several more advantages over it. Additionally, it also helps you to analyze and grow your business.

Onestop Gate Pass Management System workflow
Onestop Gate Pass Management System workflow

Security and privacy are the two main concerns of any business. For this, companies need to have a safe and secure gate pass management solution/ visitor management system. An effective and reliable gate pass management solution keep a closer track of the entry and exit of all visitors, materials, and vehicle on the premises, their movements through the site, and log any relevant information.

OneStop Gate pass Management Solution records the entry and exit of Visitors, Materials & Vehicles and is quite easy to use.

Benefits of a Gate Pass Management System are:

Some of the benefits of gate pass management system are-

  • Improved Workflow– The system helps to improve the workflow by providing accurate data
  • Improved Planning– The system enables companies to plan their operations better by keeping track of inventories and deliveries
  • Reduced Costs– A Gate Pass Management System reduces costs for companies by increasing efficiency in operations, reducing manual handling, improving forecasting accuracy and reducing errors.
  • Improved Security – One of the best benefits of a material gate pass management system to businesses is enhanced security. It helps keep an easy track of everything moving in and out about business activities.
  • Easy Tracking – Along with improved security, the material gate pass system also easily track every business material used anywhere. The system also eliminates the chances of errors and automates the entire process.
  • Transparent Communication -Another significant benefit of the material out gate pass is maintaining transparent and consistent communication. Both the involved parties can remain in constant touch with the use of the material management system.
  • Accurate Record – The traditional manual ways of recording the material movements are prone to various errors and mistakes. On the other hand, the inward gate pass eliminates the chances of errors and mistakes. As a result, it helps maintain accurate records for the movement of business material.

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Workflow of OneStop Gatepass System

  1. REQUEST – This is the first stage of Gate Pass Management Solution and is accessible based on the User Role configuration. The requestor is the employee who will be creating the gate pass and sending the notifications to the manager. Authorizations, Request Search, Gate pass printing, View page, and Request expiry can be customized based on requirements.
    • Role-based requests for various categories
    • DC No. is the internal delivery challan/Invoice or Document number put manually in the OUT gate passes by users
    • Parallel material request and approvals can be configured
  2. APPROVAL– It is the continuation of the gatepass workflow that requires approval from the employees to process the material, vehicle, or visitor gate pass request. A super admin can create a user for multi-level approval flow so that these users can be added as makers and checkers for different modules.
    • Approvals can be role-based or value-based
    • Multi-level approvals can be configured.
    • Notification to Department Head
    • Record approver’s signature & time of approval
  3. LODING / UNLOADING – This is the stage that sends the material outside or takes it into the organization through the security desk. Acknowledgment is to acknowledge the receipt of materials at the other end, typically used in inter-branch or inter-location transfers.
    • Acknowledgment is enabled in Inter-Office transfers of materials
    • Role-based dispatch option
Workflow of OneStop Gate Pass Management System
Workflow of OneStop Gate Pass Management System

Material Gate Pass Types

In the Material gate pass material is brought and sent out of the premises. The material is available in both returnable and non-returnable formats.

Returnable Gate Pass:

For materials that leave the premises, a returnable gate pass is provided and returned (or materials that enter your facility and have to be sent back).

Returnable Gatepass is issued when a material both exits the main gate and returns back to the company and also when a material enters the main gate and then exits the main gate. A returnable gate pass can have both inward and outward purposes.

Inward Returnable Gate Pass, for instance, is issued when a material is rented where it will enter the main gate and also exit once the rent is over. Examples are samples and rental materials.

Outward Returnable Gate Pass is issued when the materials of the company exits the main gate and returns. For instance, the company materials that need repair will be issued outward returnable gate pass for it to go outside and then return once it is repaired.

Note: A due date for returnable material is recorded, and if the material is not returned by the due date, an alert will be sent through SMS and EMAIL.

Non- Returnable Gate Pass

A material that enters your facility’s gates but do not exit are given a non-returnable gate pass (or exits your premises and is not to be returned).

Non-Returnable Gate Pass is issued when a material that only exits the main gate or only enters the main gate. It is not a two-way process. It should also be noted that approval for non-returnable gate pass is mandatory. A non-returnable gate pass can have both inward and outward purposes.

Inward non-returnable gate pass is issued when a material enters the main gate and do not exit the gate. These materials are usually for company’s use. Examples are raw materials, consumables, and stationeries for the company are requested.

Outward non-returnable gate pass is issued only when a material exits the main gate. Examples are manufactured goods for sales.

Challenges of Manual Material Gate Pass Management Solution

A manual material management system that uses RGP and NGRP faces multiple problems like no data reference, difficulty in computing the quantities, inability to track the materials at every stage and till the end, and minimal or no sharing of information between departments.

How does OneStop Gate Pass Management Solution help?

  • Track returnable and non-returnable materials
  • A multi-level approval system for dispatches and receipts
  • Return can be Accepted or Rejected and reasons recorded for the same
  • Material Due Date is captured for returnable gate passes
  • Role based return approval and acknowledgement
  • Detailed reports on status of materials, contractors and returnable